A small, fast, functional and scripting language for video games
Compiler Directory Reference
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directory  AST
directory  Macros


file  BytecodeReader.hpp [code]
 A bytecode disassembler for ArkScript.
file  Common.hpp [code]
 Common code for the compiler.
file  Compiler.hpp [code]
 ArkScript compiler is in charge of transforming the AST into bytecode.
file  ImportSolver.hpp [code]
file  Instructions.hpp [code]
 The different instructions used by the compiler and virtual machine.
file  ValTableElem.hpp [code]
 The basic value type handled by the compiler.
file  Welder.hpp [code]
 In charge of welding everything needed to compile code.
file  Word.hpp [code]
 Describe an instruction and its immediate argument.