A small, fast, functional and scripting language for video games
The ArkScript builtins

Those are C++ functions, using the ArkScript virtual machine API to communicate with it. They can be used as any other function in ArkScript code.

Basic template of a builtin

#include <Ark/VM/VM.hpp>
#include <Ark/VM/Value.hpp>
Ark::Value myBuiltin(std::vector<Ark::Value>& parameters, Ark::VM* vm)
return Ark::Nil;
The ArkScript virtual machine.
The ArkScript virtual machine, executing ArkScript bytecode.
Definition: VM.hpp:47
const Value Nil
ArkScript Nil value.
Definition: VM.hpp:337

See Embedding ArkScript in C++ code for more details on how to use them.

Builtins category

We currently have a few categories for our builtins:

  • IO, prefixed by io: in ArkScript
  • List, prefixed by list: in ArkScript
  • Mathematics, prefixed by math: in ArkScript
  • String, prefixed by str: in ArkScript
  • System, prefixed by sys: in ArkScript
  • Time, prefixed by nothing in ArkScript

Adding a builtin

  1. You need to identify the category it belongs to
  2. Then add its prototype in include/Ark/Builtins/Builtins.hpp under the right namespace
  3. Add it to the builtins list in src/arkreactor/Builtins/Builtins.cpp, as follows: { "name", Value(category::functionName) }
  4. The implementation will have to be done in src/arkreactor/Builtins/{category}.cpp
  5. Don't forget to document the new function, using the following snippet:
* @name {function name}
* @brief {description}
* @details {optional, more details}
* @param {name1} {description}
* @param {name2} {description}
* =begin
* optional code sample to show how to use it
* =end
* @author {link to the author profile on github}