A small, fast, functional and scripting language for video games
Builtins.hpp File Reference

Host the declaration of all the ArkScript builtins. More...

#include <vector>
#include <Ark/VM/Value.hpp>
#include <Ark/Exceptions.hpp>
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Value Ark::internal::Builtins::List::reverseList (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::List::findInList (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::List::removeAtList (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::List::sliceList (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::List::sort_ (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::List::fill (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::List::setListAt (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::IO::print (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::IO::puts_ (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::IO::input (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::IO::writeFile (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::IO::readFile (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::IO::fileExists (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::IO::listFiles (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::IO::isDirectory (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::IO::makeDir (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::IO::removeFiles (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::Time::timeSinceEpoch (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::System::system_ (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::System::sleep (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::System::exit_ (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::String::format (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::String::findSubStr (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::String::removeAtStr (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::String::ord (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::String::chr (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::Mathematics::exponential (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::Mathematics::logarithm (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::Mathematics::ceil_ (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::Mathematics::floor_ (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::Mathematics::round_ (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::Mathematics::isnan_ (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::Mathematics::isinf_ (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::Mathematics::cos_ (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::Mathematics::sin_ (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::Mathematics::tan_ (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::Mathematics::acos_ (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::Mathematics::asin_ (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::Mathematics::atan_ (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::Mathematics::cosh_ (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::Mathematics::sinh_ (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::Mathematics::tanh_ (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::Mathematics::acosh_ (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::Mathematics::asinh_ (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::Mathematics::atanh_ (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::Async::async (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)
Value Ark::internal::Builtins::Async::await (std::vector< Value > &n, VM *vm)


const Value Ark::internal::Builtins::falseSym
const Value Ark::internal::Builtins::trueSym
const Value Ark::internal::Builtins::nil
const std::vector< std::pair< std::string, Value > > Ark::internal::Builtins::builtins
const Value Ark::internal::Builtins::Mathematics::pi_
const Value Ark::internal::Builtins::Mathematics::e_
const Value Ark::internal::Builtins::Mathematics::tau_
const Value Ark::internal::Builtins::Mathematics::inf_
const Value Ark::internal::Builtins::Mathematics::nan_

Detailed Description

Host the declaration of all the ArkScript builtins.

Alexandre Plateau (

Definition in file Builtins.hpp.