A small, fast, functional and scripting language for video games
makeErrorCtx.cpp File Reference
#include <Ark/Compiler/AST/makeErrorCtx.hpp>
#include <vector>
#include <iomanip>
#include <termcolor/proxy.hpp>
#include <Ark/Constants.hpp>
#include <Ark/Files.hpp>
#include <Ark/Utils.hpp>
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namespace  Ark
namespace  Ark::internal


void Ark::internal::makeContext (std::ostream &os, const std::string &code, std::size_t line, std::size_t col_start, std::size_t sym_size)
std::string Ark::internal::colorizeLine (const std::string &line, LineColorContextCounts &line_color_context_counts)
 Add colors to highlight matching parentheses/curly braces/square braces on a line.
std::string Ark::internal::makeNodeBasedErrorCtx (const std::string &message, const Node &node)
 Construct an error message based on a given node.
std::string Ark::internal::makeTokenBasedErrorCtx (const std::string &match, std::size_t line, std::size_t col, const std::string &code)
 Construct an error message based on a given match in the code.